Nonprofit leaders react to funding cuts in new budget

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Earlier this week, the Madison County Commission approved the budget for this new fiscal year, which began Thursday.

The approved budget is more than $241 million. The good news for Madison County taxpayers: no tax increases this year.

However, it’s bad news for local nonprofits.

County commissioners voted to cut funding versus what they have approved in the past. Now leaders with local nonprofits are speaking out.

“We do like we always do. We have to count on individuals and churches to come through,” said Michael Roby, Executive Director of Area Relief Ministries.

Other nonprofits say funding is difficult to secure, and everyone has been hit hard by the pandemic.

“Funds are hard to come by. We’re all struggling, so I just pray that maybe they’ll get some funding, and if they do, they’ll share it with us,” said Gail Gustafson, Executive Director of the Dream Center. “If not, I’m sure God will take care of us.”

Leaders with these nonprofits say they will continue to provide services despite the funding cuts.

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