Hardeman County removed from economically distressed list

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Big improvements are coming to Hardeman County.

After more than a decade, Hardeman County has announced county-wide improvements have led the area to be removed from the list of counties considered economically distressed.

“A distressed county is a county that is below the bottom 10 percent in the nation in economics,” said Hardeman County Mayor Jimmy Sain.

Over the past 14 years, Hardeman County has worked to grow their employment and economic opportunities.

“We’ve worked hard to keep our financials in a good situation, our taxes down, so we can recruit business and industry and also recruit families to our rural area,” Sain said.

They hope to continue this trend in order to keep the county off the list in the future.

“We just started. Now that we’re off that list, we have to keep going and and growing so that we can remain off that list,” Sain said.

This has not only been good news for Hardeman County, but for all of southwest Tennessee.

“The Southwest Development District is the only one that does not have a distressed county among their counties,” Sain said.

The county hopes to continue bringing in industrial and technical businesses to help grow the economy.

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