UT Ag Center’s Summer Celebration kicks off, invites virtual attendees

JACKSON, Tenn. — Typically, to attend the Summer Celebration at the UT AgResearch and Education Center, you would need to brave hundreds upon hundreds of people. But this year, that information is made even more accessible because they went through Facebook Live.

“We are that connection with the University, so much of that expertise. Questions that people have, industries, how they’re growing. We’re able to connect them,” said UT Extension Dean Dr. Ashley Stokes.

Dr. Stokes was invited to speak at the event. Their goal is to connect you, the consumer, with the university.

“This is an incredible opportunity to bring people together all around landscape,” Dr. Stokes said. “So we have everyone from landscape professionals to people who just enjoy being in their yards.”

And researchers gave tours to people at home, and professionals on site.

“I’m excited to be here,” said Tennessee Nursery Landscapes Association President Morgan Adcock. “This is my first time at the research center here. It’s beautiful. I’m excited to walk the grounds and get to meet some of the people who work here.”

If you weren’t able to make it online at any point in the day, the information is being saved. And, the UT Gardens are open from dawn to dusk every single day. So you can come just about any time you want.

You can find those videos on the UT Institute of Agriculture and the UT Gardens Facebook page.

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