Local locksmith to offer free spare keys to parents

RAMER, Tenn. — One of the worst fears a parent can have is locking a child in a car. Hollingsworth Locksmith Service is offering free spare keys to make sure every parent doesn’t have to live that nightmare.

“Several years ago, I got a few phone calls to go out, and it happens normally about from June through August, September, you get that phone call where the parent or guardian, or mother most of the time calls and she’s in that panic mode and says ‘Hey, can you come unlock a vehicle for me, I have a child locked in the vehicle,'” said owner Philip Hollingsworth.

After countless emergency calls during the summer months, prompting Hollingsworth to sometimes rush to save a child, he got the idea to offer a free spare key instead to hopefully prevent this situation from happening in the first place.

“I’d rather do it that way,” Hollingsworth said. “Calm, safe, easy, give a key away. It helps them, helps us and everybody’s happy, and it might just save the life of one child.”

Hollingsworth says not as many people take advantage of this free opportunity, and he wishes they would. He says it’s as simple as driving up, showing you have a kid and car seat in the car, and the key is yours.

“It’s 100% free. I don’t care what make and what model, we’re going to make it happen so that you have an auxiliary, entry tool or device, a key to get in that vehicle.”

If you’re not sure where to place a spare key within easy access to your car, they can do that also. Hollingsworth says they’ve had close call emergency situations that are unforgettable.

“You don’t forget those and that child was hot. That child was wet and red. I was alarmed by that one. It’s a terrible scene. You’re just not going to want to be a part of that and if we can help offset that — one, two, ten, hundred of them — how much better off would we be as a community.”

Hollingsworth will offer the free service through September at both the Savannah and Ramer locations. You can come any day from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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