Cooler Weather Starting Off the Week With Pop-Up Showers Returning

Weather Update – 4:45 PM – Sunday, July 11

Storms and showers moved across parts of the region this morning. Highs into the mid 80’s were seen as we remain slightly below average. A few more thunderstorms could be spotted this afternoon, however nothing looks severe. Strong gusts and heavy rain are looking to be the main threats of any storms. They should remain very scattered lasting into tomorrow.



Into Monday, cooler weather starts off the week. Highs in the lower to mid-80’s should be seen across the region for highs. Scattered showers and storms should last through the day and into the evening. Wind speeds could pick up into the teens but should calm down by about sunset. We should drop into the lower 70’s before warming back up Tuesday.



Rainy and cloudy are two ways to define this next week. Showers continue into Tuesday with highs in the mid 80’s. Showers should taper off by afternoon, leaving dry skies throughout Wednesday as well. Highs will reach upper 80’s on Wednesday and remain there for the rest of the week. Mostly dry skies should remain on Thursday with partly cloudy skies. Pop-up showers should return on Friday. Similar trends should last into the weekend with partly cloudy skies, pop-up showers in the afternoon, and average high temperatures. Only about an inch of rain is estimated to be seen throughout this next week.

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