Jackson Chamber gives Great Wolf Lodge update during member’s breakfast

JACKSON, Tenn. — For the first time since the pandemic, the Jackson Chamber is back for a member’s breakfast.

Jackson’s Morning Drive was hosted by Voice of the Tennessee Titans, Mike Keith.

“When Kyle Spurgeon asked me to come down and moderate this discussion, I said absolutely,” Keith said. “We’re always thrilled to talk about the great things going on in Jackson.”

Spurgeon, CEO and president of the chamber, along with Chief Operating Officer and general counsel Ryan Porter, spoke with Keith about the future of the Hub City.

“We talked about a lot of the downtown issues and some of the other development issues that people in this area have been hearing about for a long time,” Keith said. “Just seeing what the progress is as we come out of COVID and get back together, to me, that’s really the most exciting thing.”

Spurgeon announced these next few years are a big opportunity for the growth of Jackson.

He says the chamber is currently handling the legal due diligence of the Great Wolf Lodge, and people should be able to make reservations in just two years.

The project is expected to bring 250 full time jobs and another 250 part time jobs to the city.

“I just hope that people are excited, continue to be excited about what’s going on in Jackson. Jackson’s a place, from the outside, is viewed as very progressive, that a lot of good things are happening, jobs are happening, things are growing here and the people inside of Jackson and the chamber need to hear all of that good talk,” Keith said.

Spurgeon says one of the biggest problems the city is facing right now is getting people back to work.

With a tourist attraction like the lodge, Spurgeon expects the amount of visitors to double, with an estimated 500,000 visitors a year.

However, to encourage people to move to Jackson, Spurgeon says we need more housing, outdoor amenities, and more businesses in downtown Jackson.

“Over 20 years, seeing the incredible growth and the progress Jackson has made, it’s an important part of our state, it’s important to the Tennessee Titans, and just fired up to be here to talk about all the great things going on,” Keith said.

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