4-Minute City program aims to save lives in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local non-profit is pairing with a company to bring new technology to the Hub City.

Jackson has been referred to as the Hub City for many years, but what about the 4-Minute City?

“The 4-Minute City is a program that we’re implementing in five communities across the country, and the ultimate goal is to improve survival rates from out of hospital cardiac arrest, which is one of the leading killers across the country,” said Sameer Jafri, President of Avive Solutions Inc.

Jackson will be one of the five cities in the nation involved in this program.

“A common theme across all of our communities is a local champion, and everyone is on the same page and pushing towards the same goal,” Jafri said.

Avive Solutions has partnered with a local nonprofit, Friends of Heart, to create and disperse next generation AEDs, similar to those around the community to help those who may fall into cardiac arrest.

“We wanted it to be a coordinated approach, where we specifically placed these devices so that we can reduce response times versus AEDs just being out there in the community today,” Jafri said.

They are currently in the planning to place the new technology, but hope to start implementing soon.

“Our goal is to implement this program first half of next year here in Jackson, so first half of 2022,” Jafri said.

They are currently looking for individuals, businesses and first responders to participate.

“If you are a business that is interested in accepting an AED and being a part of this program, please reach out to Friends of Heart and let them know,” Jafri said.

If you’d like to participate in the 4-Minute City program, contact Friends of Heart on Facebook.

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