Family preserves sons’ memory through restaurant

JACKSON, Tenn. — One West Tennessee woman, along with her family, are on a mission to keep their sons’ memory alive through a restaurant.

Dorena Collier is the owner of One Five Bar and Grill, which is located at 1605 North Parkway in Jackson.

The restaurant is a family run business, and it was started in honor of her two twin sons who tragically died in a swimming accident at a local pond in Medina.

“Fifteen became significant for us,” Collier said. “Their football numbers were one and five. They were 15-years-old when they passed, and it was 2015. When we thought about names, we wanted something that was sentimental to us.”

The food served in the restaurant were the favorites of Collier’s two sons Shawn and Keyshawn Collier.

“My boys loved burgers, they loved fries, they love pork chop sandwiches, and that’s actually where the pork chop sandwich idea comes from. They loved wings, so that’s where the mixing of the wing sauces come from,” Collier said.

Collier says that’s what her restaurant is known for, along with the other customer favorites of the restaurant.

Collier says since operating during the pandemic, her to-go orders have been extremely high, but says she encourages more people to come in, dine-in and experience the excellent customer service and overall experience of One Five Grill.

“Enjoy the southern hospitality, which is hard to come by now. A lot of times when we go out to eat, the customer service is kind of poor, and that’s one of the reasons why we focus on just making sure we have excellent customer service here, as well as excellent food,” Collier said.

Collier says her sons would be proud to see their family working as a unit to build a family brand.

You can visit One Five Bar and Grill during normal business hours Tuesday through Saturday.

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