Discovery Park of America hosting LEGO Competition

UNION CITY, Tenn. — Discovery Park of America and the Obion River Regional Library Center are presenting the 2021 LEGO Competition this fall.

Discovery Park says the competition will run from August through November, with a new theme each month.

Participants are asked to submit their entries to libraries in the Obion River region, and one winner will be selected for each category. Those winners will be judged by the Discovery Park and then displayed until the next theme is submitted.

Themes include:

  • August – Animals and their Habitats. Winners will be displayed on August 26.
  • September – Farm Animals. Winners will be displayed on September 23.
  • October – Fantasy Animals/Create Your Own Animals. Winners will be displayed on October 21.
  • November – Your Spirit Animal/Patronus/Pet. Winners will be displayed on November 25.

Entries must be the original creation. No kits are allowed.

Entries may be submitted to the nearest Obion River Regional Library. Dimensions must be 10 inches by 10 inches by eight inches in any orientation.

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