WIC center restarts Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program in Madison County

JACKSON, Tenn. — WIC recipients will be allowed to use their benefits to buy produce from their local farmers’ market.

The WIC Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program started this month in Madison County, letting people in the program buy local produce at farmers markets.

“We try to promote healthy fruits and vegetables and also help out the local farmers,” said Jamie Wallace, a dietitian with the Jackson-Madison County WIC program.

WIC beneficiaries can receive six $5 vouchers that will work like cash and are redeemable for fruits and vegetables.

“There are certain booths that accept the farmers market vouchers,” Wallace said. “So for the farmers market here in Jackson, you’ll want to look for the posters that we will be showing you.”

The vouchers will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and there will only be a limited amount available. Those vouchers can only be used during July and August.

Buying local produce not only helps the farmers, but provides healthier eating alternatives.

“It is homegrown,” Wallace said. “It is not shipped from a store from who knows where, so these are homegrown, local farmers.”

Wallace wants to remind everyone about the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

“As dietitians, we say color your plate, so the more variety, the more colors you can get on that plate, the more nutrients you can get,” Wallace said.

For more information, call the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department at (731) 423-3020 and press 1 for WIC.

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