Youth group learns military history during tour of VFW Post 6496

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thursday, youth from the Salvation Army of Jackson took a tour of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 6496.

The post hosted a war memorabilia tour, giving kids the opportunity to learn about wars from veterans themselves.

Veterans like Cmdr. Thomas Buck say it’s vital for youth to learn this history, especially when there are those alive to tell it.

“It’s one thing to read it. It’s another thing to come look at these walls that are in here, and then actually talk to a veteran that can explain it,” Buck said.

Buck is a Vietnam War veteran, and he says teaching the kids about history is a way for him to decompress and combat PTSD.

“Kinda frees up who we are, and you know, we keep all this bottled up and sometimes we’re afraid to talk about it. To the children it seems to go away, makes it so much easier to relate to them,” Buck said.

The kids learned about several wars, such as in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans. Many were appreciative for the chance to learn about the past and how far the United States has come.

Commanding Officer for the Salvation Army, Mark Cancia says everyone should come learn and about American history.

“Just an opportunity for us to have the VFW here in Jackson as a resource, as a place for not only children, but everyone to come and learn to see what some of our neighbors have committed too,” Cancia said.

VFW Post 6496 welcomes any group to their center to take a tour.

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