Men Go Red raising awareness of heart disease with annual bike ride

JACKSON, Tenn. — Men Go Red for Women Ride is hosting their biggest ride yet, with 32 cyclists from across West Tennessee participating in the race to raise awareness about heart disease.

The race starts Saturday morning at Milan City Hall and will end in Eddyville, Kentucky.

“We’re out there doing that to try and raise awareness for heart disease, and that’s the number one killer for women,” said Jon Ewing, chief operating officer at the Women’s Clinic. “A lot of times, people may think it maybe breast cancer or cervical cancer. The number one killer is heart disease.”

Ewing is also the co-founder of the race. He says the race is a chance to make a difference in the community.

“It is hard work. It’s a lot of suffering, especially in the heat, but it’s not the suffering that people suffer when they have heart disease or stroke,” Ewing said.

Michael Ort is an emergency room physician and a cyclist in the race. Ort says the race can help educate others about women’s health.

“If we do this right and educate people and raise awareness and treatment, we go from treating heart attacks to preventing them,” Ort said. “If we do it right, we’ll work ourselves out of a job.”

The race is also a time for fellowship while supporting women.

“We’re there to enjoy each other through physical effort and riding, but our heart is, no pun intended, to make people aware of women’s heart disease and do everything we can to decrease or eliminate it,” Ort said.

For more information or to support the ride, click here.

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