BradenHealth to acquire Decatur County General Hospital

DECATUR COUNTY, Tenn. — A late night meeting has decided the fate of a rural Decatur County hospital.

The Decatur County Commission held a vote Monday night, approving BradenHealth’s acquisition of the Decatur County General Hospital.

“This has been a long-fought battle to restore healthcare to this community,” said Decatur County Mayor Mike Creasy. “I am proud of the commission for choosing to restore desperately needed healthcare services to this county.”

In a news release, BradenHealth says it will be investing $2 million into the hospital, and will bring an initial 30 jobs back into the community.

“The mayor is ensuring that jobs are brought back to the community, and he is putting a stop to the climbing death rate that occurred after the hospital failed,” said Kyle Kopec, Chief Compliance Officer and Government Affairs Director for BradenHealth.

BradenHealth says it aims to save the EMS agency, which it says was operating at a loss.

“We are excited to make Decatur County the next stop on our journey to save rural healthcare in Tennessee,” said Dr. Beau Braden, Chief Executive Officer for BradenHealth.

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