Officials given update on wastewater pipeline in West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — Tennessee officials gathered to share updates on the wastewater pipeline for the Memphis Regional Megasite.

On June 8, Gov. Bill Lee made the announcement that he is moving forward with the greater investment in the Megasite.

Monday, those involved in the project were given updates.

“To build a 36 mile pipeline, it’s something that just doesn’t happen overnight, and so he’s instructed our team and general services to begin that process,” said Bob Rolfe, Tennessee Economic Development Commissioner.

Rolfe says this project has been in the works for several years.

“When you construct a pipeline, we’re not taking personal property. We are seeking easements so that the pipe can run across private property, and so that’s probably taken a two year track,” Rolfe said.

The pipe will run through West Tennessee and will be pumped into the Mississippi River.

Officials say $190 million has been appropriated for this project, and around $90 million has already been spent.

“This is a series of appropriations going back several years. The general assembly has provided the appropriate dollars to construct the pipeline,” Rolfe said.

The pipeline has been in the works for many years. Haywood County Mayor David Livingston says this project will be a positive contribution to West Tennessee.

“It’s going to have spin off businesses not just at the Megasite itself, but companion factories, and salary factories, that type of thing,” he said. “It’s going to be tremendous to the entire region.”

On Thursday the state building commission will begin a formal process of seeking approval for the construction of the pipeline.

“It’ll be up to General Services to go through the procurement process to build the plans, inspects, and the goal is to be under construction as early as Q-1 of next year,” Rolfe said.

To learn more about the wastewater pipeline plan, click here.

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