Facebook group connects job seekers with employers in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — Who’s hiring Wednesday? A catchy question that may be helping local businesses.

As if businesses weren’t hurt enough by the pandemic, many are still feeling the long-term effects as seen by the signs on their doors.

One Facebook group has connected many people in Jackson, and together, they are now giving their local businesses and those searching for work a helping hand.

“The page has definitely grown to be, I mean I never imagined that it would be this big, but I definitely can see that it has grown a lot because we get anywhere from five to 10 people a day trying to join,” said Hayley Gabert, one of the group’s administrators.

“Who’s hiring Wednesday?” is a question posted every week by Samantha Bourgeois or Gabert with the goal to connect those searching for positions and those hiring.

“With COVID last year, a lot of people either lost their jobs or were looking for jobs,” Gabert said. “A lot of people were just posting on the page every day, multiple times a day. We were like, ‘We’ll just do one thread once a week, that way people and employers that are looking to hire can post there and then workers looking for a job, go to that specific thread and look there too.”

But “Who’s hiring Wednesday” isn’t the only day of the week they are looking to help.

“Small Business Monday” is also a weekly topic where people can self promote their business, and so far they are seeing positive results with the page.

“Our Small Business Monday has worked because I’ve gotten quite a few clients from it. Small Business Monday definitely is working, and people are paying attention,” Bourgeois said.

They hope to continue and grow the page and help businesses in Jackson.

“Communities run off of small businesses, and to keep your local economy going, you have to keep those dollars local,” Gabert said. “That is kind of really what I wanted for this page.”

If you’re looking for work, check out the Job Spot section of the website. You can also check out their Facebook page here.

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