Shelter helps pets find forever home in Henderson County

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Are you looking for a furry new friend or companion?

These dogs are looking for a forever home. The Frances Hensley Shelter held a pet adoption drive, making it easy for those looking to add a furry friend to their family.

“You fill out the adoption application, and then we’ll review it. If you are approved, then we will go forward with the adoption. If you would like to foster, maybe a couple of days before, you just jump right into the adoption and kind of see how it’s going to go,” said Brandy Dennison, Director of the Frances Hensley Shelter.

There is no application fee, and whoever is interested in adopting can get peace of mind.

“As soon as an animal comes into the shelter, the first thing we do is vaccinate, worm, flea and tick, that sort of thing,” Dennison said. “Then we make an appointment for it to go to the vet the following week to have a check up.”

Dennison says there’s more benefit in rescuing than buying.

“Just remember: Adopt don’t shop. When you adopt, you also get their full medical and background history. More knowledge about the dog as well,” Dennison said.

The Everett Horn Public Library supported the drive, giving the dogs a place to be showcased.

“It’s heartbreaking to think that one would spend their life without a family, without a home. I just think it’s a good thing for an animal to find that, to find love and companionship, find a place where they can have a happy life,” said Jerod Savage, Assistant Director of the Everett Horn Public Library.

Not only does adopting a pet help the shelter, it also brings a sense of comfort.

“Every time we have an adoption, it makes us all so happy because they are getting their forever home, and they get to leave the shelter and that makes our hearts really happy. So we’re excited,” Dennison said.

For more information on the shelter or where their next event will be, just visit their website.

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