West Carroll schools to see changes for new school year

ATWOOD, Tenn. — West Carroll Special School District is seeing a few changes this upcoming school year.

The district’s changes come with a more normal schedule and a new director of schools.

Preston Caldwell, the new Director of Schools, will be starting his first full school year with the district this fall.

“I just started in April. I wanted to advance my career, and I saw an opportunity here to be director of schools, so I applied and I got the job,” Caldwell said.

He still plans on keeping his students and staff safe while improving the learning experience as a whole in West Carroll.

“I want to be one of the best school districts in the state of Tennessee, and that’s my big goal,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell says he plans to transition to the new school year by applying more pre-COVID-19 guidelines, with no masks, temperature checks, or virtual learning.

“All in all, we’re going to take the best precautions we can while returning to normal school,” Caldwell said.

They plan to relax some of the guidelines that were set in place last year, but still monitor students safety as best they can.

“If, of course, they want to wear masks, they are allowed to, and we will clean and sanitize the facilities just as last year as a precaution,” Caldwell said.

They plan to keep the arrival, departure, and bus times the same as previous years.

“We are going to be full force five days a week. Just regular school, and our buses will pick up and drop off as we did before,” Caldwell said.

Students will be returning on Tuesday Aug. 3.

“I’m looking forward to getting all of the kids back. I’m looking forward to, hopefully, putting COVID completely behind us and getting back to some normalcy,” Caldwell said.

If you have any concerns about sending your child back to school, you can reach out to the West Carroll Special School District.

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