Law enforcement receive non-lethal weapons training in Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — The Madison County Sheriff’s Office hosted a training session for law enforcement from across the country.

The officers came to the county on Friday to learn more about non-lethal weapons and how they can help officers.

“Training on the effectiveness and building their confidence in the use of it, the device and the safety of who they’re shooting,” said Steven Abboud, CEM for PhaZZer LLC.

The device is called a PhaZZer. For some, the feeling is indescribable.

“Unless you’ve stuck your hand in a socket, and even that is not bad. It’s just like you don’t have any control. Your mind is working, but your body is not. You’re just locked,” said Sgt. Jonathan Wilson, with the Humboldt Police Department.

Which is why safety is the top priority when using a non-lethal weapon.

“We have a patented safety circuit built into this weapon, and primarily, it prevents overexposure to the human body,” Abboud said.

“It doesn’t take the control away and it does bring mental awareness, which we think is the primary reason there are no fatalities with the PhaZZer Enforcer,” Abboud said.

More than 300 law enforcement agencies use the PhaZZer across the United States, and the training lets officers see the pros and cons of the device.

“It shuts down completely after 15 seconds, but there are five second intervals,” Abboud said. “Whether you are holding the trigger in or not, it will shut down each five second interval, giving you a moment to assess the situation.”

The training shows the theory, but it also allows officers to practice.

“I think everybody should do it just to know what it’s like, and they can tell people about it and know. They can know the signs of what someone is supposed to act like after it’s over and if something is out of the ordinary. They know that’s not right because I’ve done it before and that didn’t happen,” Abboud said.

Part of the day’s training included a classroom session.

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