Pinson Mounds hosts Junior Ranger Camp

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Kids took a step back in time to experience the great outdoors.

Pinson Mounds State Archaeological Park has been hosting Junior Ranger Camp throughout the week.

So far, the campers have gone hiking, heard from guest speaker Dr. Bill Lawrence, an archaeologist, learned about puzzling pottery and animals like snakes and turtles.

Campers also learned about atlatls, a historic hunting tool used to catch food.┬áCamp leaders say it’s like bringing living history to life.

“I’m hoping that they learn a little bit more about archaeology and history and how it’s actually done, and get away from the stigma of, you know, the whole Indiana Jones, Lara Croft ideals of what archaeology is,” said Syndie Hale, a Appalachia Cares Americorps member.

Junior Ranger Camp ends Saturday with a graduation ceremony for the Junior Rangers.

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