UT Ag hosts ‘Beef Day’ at local farmers market

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — July is a special time for the beef industry.

On Friday, the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture in Chester County held Beef Day at the Henderson Farmers Market.

“We’re out here promoting beef,” said Steve Rickman, a UT Extension Agent. “The purpose of July Beef Month is to sell more beef in the state of Tennessee. So we’re educating our consumers about beef.”

Though this farmers market happens every week, Friday was a special day.

“I’m out here grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, and we’re selling them for funds [so] FFA and 4-H can go on trips,” said Colton Hopper, a 4-H and Future Farmers of America member.

Groups like 4-H and FFA focus a lot on livestock, and they came out to raise money for their livestock judging contest trips.

“We’ve been picking corn and selling it, so I thought we could sell our ice cream and sell it to boost our funds up a little bit. We made strawberry and vanilla, about 10-gallons,” said Will Kemp, another 4-H and FFA member.

In Tennessee, the month of July is Beef Month. A couple of vendors were out sharing the importance of locally owned beef.

“Just hoping to raise awareness of the availability of grass fed grain, finished farm raised beef local producers,” local farmer Charles Tucker said. “So that folks can get their beef locally, and they know how it has been treated and how it has been raised and fed and taken care of.”

Although Friday was the only day for Beef Day at the market, the farmers market will be open until the first Friday in October.

If you would like to visit the Henderson Farmers Market, it’s open every Friday from 7 a.m. to 12 p.m.

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