Dangerous Heat Index Values Ahead this Week

Weather Update – 4:45 PM – Saturday, July 24


We started off the weekend mainly dry and very warm. Across the region, heat index values were bridging into those triple digits.


Winds remained fairly low and high dew points made it feel around ten degrees warmer than it actually was. As we approach the afternoon, pop-up showers will arise but should clear out around sunset. Into the evening, we should drop into the lower 70’s for a low with partly cloudy to mostly clear skies. A few counties across the region are seeing a heat advisory – especially those to our East. We could see this move east throughout the week as temperatures increase. Make sure to limit your time outside and stay hydrated to prevent any type of heat illness.




We could start off the day with some thick patchy fog but should clear as we start to warm up. The chance for scattered showers returns tomorrow afternoon. These should remain fairly light and non-severe.  We could reach into the lower 90’s for a high with heat index values near or into the hundreds. High levels of humidity and low winds will continue to keep us warmer than it appears. Showers should continue overnight as we drop into the mid-70’s for a low.Winds should remain fairly calm over the day but we could see a few stronger gusts move through over the day.



We should be spending the remainder of the month of July warmer than average thanks to a ridge that is building in place. We could see lots of sunshine, calm to low winds, and high levels of humidity throughout the week. This could leave us with “feels like” temperatures in the triple digits all week long.


We start off the week Monday very warm with a few scattered showers over the course of the day. Highs in the lower to mid 90’s lasting for most of the week. Mostly cloudy skies could begin to clear overnight Monday with a high of 91 and low of 74. On Tuesday, Highs around 93 with a low of 71 as clouds clear and mostly sunny skies take place. Wednesday is our sunniest and warmest day of the week with highs around 94 and a low of 73. Thursday cools off with highs around 92 and a low of 74. Friday highs reach back around 93 and drop around 76 for a low. We drop into the lower 90’s over the weekend as the chance of rain increases.

Shaley Dawson
Storm Team 7 Meteorologist
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