Ice cream social helps Ugandan communities

PARIS, Tenn. — An ice cream social helps West Tennesseans get together and share how their help has impacted communities in Uganda.

“Being able to sit down with the real people that are impacting people’s lives and being able to bring the stories from Africa and bring them here in America, in Paris, Tennessee, and share them with the people that are transforming my community in Africa. It is amazing,” said Mathias Mulumba, founder of Father to the Fatherless International.

The idea for the foundation came after getting help from strangers.

“I grew up in Uganda as a street child, on the streets of Kampala, Uganda, and missionaries came and picked me up. They told me about God, and that changed my life,” said Mulumba.

Thanks to the foundation, a lot of people can get help.

“We work with street children. We work with orphans. We work with the widows in our community, and now we have gone past only working with these people to working with more people. The poor people, people that can’t help themselves,” said Mulumba.

The people that are helped get shelter, food, medical supplies, and it all comes from a selfless act.

“As the founder, the CEO of the organization, I don’t get a penny from the organization. I have a full time job, my wife works, all of my board of directors work. We all work hard to give back, to make sure that other people who are less privileged have the opportunities like we have in this great country,” said Mulumba.

Thanks to the foundation, the community is coming closer.

“I just think it’s great that so many people from the community are coming out and getting to learn about what he’s doing because it’s such a service to the people down there,” said Kathy Cserni, event coordinator.

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