Tax free weekend to begin Friday in Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — Get your school supply shopping lists ready! Tax free weekend starts on Friday, July 30 and ends on Sunday, Aug. 1.

It is a weekend that benefits both Tennessee shoppers and business owners.

“Tax free weekend means that you can purchase computers under $1,500, I believe, school supplies and clothing under $100, and you will be exempt from paying sales tax,” said Jackson Chamber CEO/President Kyle Spurgeon.

Tennessee holds this weekend every year. Spurgeon says it’s good for the local economy.

“Shopping online is extremely easy. Anything that we can do to encourage folks to shop locally helps. So when you go out and you buy your school supplies and your computers or clothing, and you do that locally, of course that helps the local economy,” Spurgeon said.

Things that are not exempt from tax free weekend include apparel items over $100, jewelry, and handbags.

Sports and recreational equipment are also not included. For school supplies, they can not be over $100 either

And if you are planning on purchasing a computer, it’s important to know that storage media like flash drives and compact discs, individually purchased software, printer supplies and household appliances are also not included.

“Make your shopping list and determine what you can buy at your local store. If you’re in Paris, Savannah, Lexington, Humboldt, wherever you are. Jackson. Make your list and determine the stores that are local, that have what you want,” he said. “Think about it. You’re saving 10% when you go out and by that locally.”

The savings do not stop there.

Food, food ingredients and other prepared food will have its own tax free event from Friday, July 30 to Thursday, Aug. 5.

From July 1 to June 30 of 2022, gun safes and specified gun safety devices will also be tax free.

Spurgeon says this is a big weekend for Tennessee regarding tourism.

Annually, people travel from all eight bordering states for this very weekend to score the tax free discounts.

To read more about the various tax free events, click here.

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