Bolivar Police Department recreates Critical Response Team

BOLIVAR, Tenn. — After a 10 year absence, the Bolivar Police Department is bringing back a Critical Response Team.

The goal of the team is to keep the community safer.

“You got to be prepared for what’s going on in the community because drugs went up, gangs with crime went up, and if all we are doing is writing tickets, we’re not we’re not resolving any of those things,” said Antonio Parham, leader of the SWAT team in Bolivar.

The team is made up of six officers and a K-9 named Buddy. Currently, they are focused on equipment weapons and physical training.

“Our first one here is one our boat rifles we designate for our sniper,” said Bolivar police SWAT team Executive Command Nic Ellison. “Over here is just our beyond basic AR.”

“I have a distraction device. What it will do is the flash and also make a loud sound, distract everyone in the room if we need to clear a room,” said Brasdon Frost, a patrolman for the Bolivar Police Department. “Right here, I have a flashbang.”

The team will continue their day-to-day patrolling. They just hope putting this team together will prepare them and train them for anything they may come across.

“Whether there’s a bomb threat, whether there’s somebody that’s hostage, or somebody had barricaded themselves. Whatever the case, we want to be prepared for the situation because from day-to-day, we don’t know what’s going to happen,” said Gary McTizic, a patrolman for the Bolivar Police Department.

The team says they are building their foundation before expanding, but the long-term goal is to grow the team and create more of a multi-agency SWAT team.

“We’re like a family here,” McTizic said. “We’re striving to be closer, and we [are] just working together to hopefully get everybody home safe at the end of the day.”

The Critical Response Team is already in place, ready to protect the City of Bolivar.

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