Multiplying Good: Patrick Parham

It’s time for Multiplying Good, an award given to people making a positive impact in the community.
It’s in partnership with Leaders Credit Union.

Patrick Parham is a man showing that ministry goes beyond just a building.

Parham started Church Without Walls in Jackson more than a decade ago, ministering to the homeless community and leading them to Christ. He says it was a calling from God after years of ministering in jails and prisons.

“God started laying on my heart the people in prisons and jails were being ministered to, but God asked me a question he says ‘who’s witnessing to them when they get out?’,”  Parham explains.

Parham and his wife started going to a local park on Sundays, hoping to spread the gospel.
For 8 weeks, no one showed up, but slowly people began to come.

Rufus Greer was one of the early members of Church Without Walls. He’s been attending for 16 years.

“Where I grew up people always was dressed suited and tie and all that stuff, but ‘come as you are’ I like that part,” Greer shared.

Greer says Patrick is doing important work and reaching people others sometimes don’t.

“He’s the kind of person that you love, you know, just grow on you,” Greer said. “Some people don’t get a chance to hear nothing about Christ, but you will hear it here.”

There have been 851 consecutive services held every week.

“We’ve never closed our doors, we’ve met in 12 inches of snow, like I said 16 degree weather, teens, we’ve met in 100 plus weather, rain.” said Parham.

Member of 5 years, Ben Shearon, says Parham’s hard work and dedication doesn’t go unnoticed, and that it’s all from the heart.

“Pat cares about the people who come here. Sometimes we have 100 and sometimes we’ll have 20, but he cares about everybody,” Shearon shared.

In addition to the Sunday services, Parham and volunteers offer meals to anyone who wants one.

“We have breakfast before church so if people want to come in and don’t want to stay… they don’t have to,” Shearon explained.

Parham says it’s an important part of building relationships.

“The one thing when we first came was we knew that the hardest thing for us to earn was going to be their trust. I truly believe in my heart as for everybody… everybody’s looking for Jesus, but not everybody knows that’s who they’re looking for,” Parham said.

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