Henry County Schools share what to expect for upcoming year

HENRY COUNTY, Tenn. — Henry County students return to school Monday, August 2. Director of Schools Dr. Leah Watkins says faculty and staff could not be happier to welcome students back on campus.

“We are looking forward to a focus on learning,” Dr. Watkins said. “Last year we were so overwhelmed with just dealing with COVID and all the details that came with it.”

Although masks will not be required in Henry County Schools, Dr. Watkins says they are still encouraged. COVID safety protocols will still be in place as well.

“Extra emphasis will be placed on spacing, cleaning, disinfecting desks and things like that. We’ll be extra vigilant around contact tracing,” Watkins said.

Dr. Watkins says even with those protocols, this year students will be able to continue with small group reading.

“Making sure that our kids have the opportunity to interact in those wonderful learning environments that our teachers provide.”

The State Board of Education ruled virtual learning can no longer be emphasized in individuals schools. There is an alternative option though for parents who don’t feel comfortable with in-person learning just yet.

“Henry County launched a virtual school last year called Henry County Virtual Academy. We did this to accommodate our families knowing the pandemic was coming, but additionally we wanted to offer it to those families who wanted a less traditional school environment.”

She says most students were fully virtual last year, so this will be a change for both parents and students.

“What I would encourage parents to do is just make sure that they have their school supplies come Monday. Make sure they’re rested and get a good breakfast.”

Dr. Watkins says to students: start getting on your early morning schedule today to begin great school year Monday.

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