Local restaurants prepare ahead of tax-free weekend

Tax Free

JACKSON, Tenn. — Restaurant managers in Jackson are getting prepared to serve their customers during the upcoming tax-free weekend.

Tax Free

“Honestly we’re going to continue to prepare like we do everyday, much of maneuvering through the pandemic has shown us that we need to stay prepared everyday. As managers we need to be supportive to our customers and continue to provide quality service to our guest,” said Bailey Harrold, service manager at Rafferty’s restaurant.

Friday will begin with the much anticipated tax free weekend for residents in the state of Tennessee.

Local restaurant managers are getting prepared to serve their customers with the best customer service possible, with no sales tax attached to their bill.
Managers with the Old Town Spaghetti Store and Rafferty’s in Jackson say their customers should look forward to an enjoyable weekend.

“Chicken Parmesan is awesome, any of our chicken pacote’s, if you’re into any type of pasta, white sauce, red sauce,” said Thomas Baudo, manager at Old Town Spaghetti Store.

“I think they come looking for our quality food, our outstanding service and we always look for opportunities to build on that for our guest and to continue to serve west Tennessee,” said Harrold.

Over at the Old Country Store, general manager Brooks Shaw says customers should anticipate more than tax free food at their restaurant.

“Enjoying a milkshake in our ice cream parlor, getting some jam and local honey in the guest shop, the apparel all the t-shirts, socks, hats. That’s all going to be tax-free,” said Shaw.

Restaurant managers say because of COVID-19, there may be a delay in service.

“Restaurants are still struggling with staffing so I would just ask people to please be patient but we will get you fed,” said Baudo.

The tax free weekend in Tennessee will end Sunday August 1st at 11:59 p.m.

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Tax Free