High School Football Team Preview: TCA Lions

JACKSON, Tenn. — After participating in full equipment practices this week, the Trinity Christian Academy football program is putting the final touches on the game plan with just three more weeks of summer activities.

Last season, the Lions didn’t exactly get off to the best start, however they won the games they needed to down the stretch, advancing all the way to the Division II-A state quarterfinals. Posting a great record on their home field, TCA has recently relied on a physical, run first style of offense, making necessary adjustments along the way depending on personnel. While more of the same can be expected for the majority of the time in 2021, head coach Blake Butler explained his current mindset for the team from a tactical viewpoint.

“You know I’d probably say we’re going to be a little bit more balanced this year in terms of throwing the ball and running the ball,” siad Butler. “Since I’ve been here we’ve done a little bit of both. We were run heavy last year, my first few years we were pass heavy. It really just comes down to the kids that you have, and trying to highlight their skill sets and give your team the best chance to win.”

TCA’s Division II-A West region opponents for the most part will remain the same, with the new additions of FACS and Harding Academy. The Lions are currently scheduled to host South Side for a Jamboree event in a few weeks, followed by their season opener against Adamsville on August 20.