Farmers and First Responders unite to save lives

GIBSON CO., Tenn. — First Responders and local farmers team up for a prevention training.

Saturday local farmers and First Responders joined together for a Grain Bin Rescue Training.

“Road crops have increasingly become more popular in the last couple of years. So you are starting to see more and more grain bins around. And obviously the more grain bins there are, the more opportunity there is for incident,” said Brian Robinson, State Training Coordinator for TN Association of Rescue Squads.

You might have seen a grain bin in passing or while on a farm, these large bins are easy for people to get trapped within.

Like quicksand one wrong move, and you’re submerged in the grain.

“You may have a producer that goes up into the bin to check the moisture content of grain. You can have somebody accidentally turns an auger on and at that point it’s going to pull him down in the drain,” Robinson said.

Today’s training went over ways to prevent entrapment and give farmers and First Responders the opportunity to work hand and hand.

“This is what this area needs. We’re heavily into agriculture and lots of bins going up. We need training like this for our local EMS people and our farmers,” said Gibson Co. farmer, Peyton Harper.

In 2020 there were 64 grain bin incidents documented and here in West Tennessee, where agriculture is prominent, this training can help prevent future entrapment.

“Farmers work long hours tired, and lots of time, we don’t follow proper precautions. And you never know when something could happen. These trainings, they are invaluable,” Harper said.

Participants were able to learn useful skills and enjoy the training free of charge.

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