Storms cause damage to West TN counties

MADISON CO. Tenn. — Last night many people in West Tennessee experienced power outages and storm damage.

“So last night, when we had the storms come through we started getting multiple reports of trees down, kind of scattered throughout the county,” said Chief Eric Turner, Madison Co. Fire Department.

Madison County wasn’t the only county to experience storm damage. Gibson, Henderson and the surrounding areas were also involved.

“We had almost 6,000 members without power, and then we worked through the night. We called in help from Service Electric, and Pickwick Electric and currently we’re down to just a little over 400 customers,” said Rita Alexander, VP of HR and Member Services, Gibson Electric Membership Corporation.

With trees and power-lines coming down there are a few dangers to look out for, especially energized downed power lines.

“We always say if anybody sees a downed line just assume that it’s hot and don’t get near it. And give us a call and we can make sure it’s de-energized, just assume that it’s always energized if you see it on the ground, and be safe,”said Jason Griggs, Director of Milan Public Utilities.

As of now, many roadways are being cleared, and crews are working their hardest to recover everyone’s power.

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