Savannah police solve crimes with Flock Safety Cameras

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — Savannah police say they are using the Flock Safety Camera System to solve crimes.

Savannah police say that on Sunday, the system alerted the department to possible stolen tags from Missouri on a vehicle in Savannah.

The department’s news release says the vehicle was then seen at the Savannah Lodge, so they began investigating.

The investigation led to the arrest of Carolyn Stevens, 63, of Savannah, and Joey Gann, 47, of Blytheville, Arkansas.

The release says they were charged with possession of stolen property. Police say that were also found with suspected methamphetamine.

Mississippi and Missouri law enforcement also say there are probable pending charges for Gann for theft, according to the release.

In a separate incident on July 29, police say a vehicle was stopped after it was verified to have stolen tags from Savannah.

Savannah police say driver Scotty White, 47, of Savannah, was arrested for driving on a revoked driver’s license.

Police say police suspected meth and pills believed to be gabapentin were also found during a pat down.

The department says White has been charged with possession of stolen property, driving on revoked, possession of schedule II, and possession of schedule IV.

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