Masks required in some Jackson-Madison County schools

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson-Madison County School System officials met to discuss the rise in COVID-19 cases, as well as the requirement of masks in schools.

With those rising cases, JMCSS is changing safety protocols.

School principals and district leaders met Friday discuss the best way to keep students safe.

Greg Hammond, with the district, says they started off the school year with masks being optional. However, some schools now require masks on Monday.

“Those administrators have been contacted. Those families have been contacted. They know that on Monday morning, it will be mandatory that staff and students wear masks,” Hammond said.

Eight schools will be considered “mask mandatory.” Students and staff in those schools will be required to wear masks for two weeks.

If isolation and quarantine numbers decrease in that time, the schools will move to phase three, called “Masks in Motion.”

“While they move throughout the school building, they will be expected to wear masks when distancing can’t be accomplished,” Hammond said.

Dr. Lisa Piercey, with the Tennessee Department of Health, says there is a reason so many kids are testing positive for COVID-19.

“All COVID viruses infect unvaccinated people more often. Who is our largest population of unvaccinated people? It’s kids,” Piercey said.

Hammond says the district is going to monitor each school closely to make sure they are protecting students and staff.

District Health Administrator Annette Wilson asks parents to keep a close eye on how their child is feeling everyday.

“If your child is not feeling well, please don’t send them to school, that way they can monitor them for any signs and symptoms of the normal childhood illnesses, but also for COVID. I think that will help prevent the spread,” Wilson said.

Hammond says the district will continue to keep communication open with students’ parents and take advice from local health officials.

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