Woman receives special colorful donation

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — A local woman sees color for the very first time.

The Briarwood Community Living Center in Lexington gave one of their patients a pair of glasses.

These glasses would allow her to finally see every color, something she has struggled with.

Ms. Alice Hatten has been color blind her entire life, until Wednesday.Screen Shot 2021 08 07 At 75810 Pm

Briarwood Community Living Center presented Hatten with glasses that would allow her to see every color of the rainbow.

“Ms. Alice, how does it feel to see color again? Oh it is a blessing, what a blessing,” Hatten said.

The Connections Foundation in Tupelo, Mississippi donated the glasses to Hatten.

She says she has always had a favorite color, and now she is finally able to see it.

“My favorite color, they all know, is blue. Pink and blue are my favorite colors,” Hatten said.

Hatten says every doctor told her she would never be able to see color.

But she wants to tell them that her doctor, Doctor Jesus, gave color back to her sight.

“Now I see. You said I wouldn’t, but I told you my doctor says yes, and here I am,” Hatten said.

Hatten says the Briarwood staff tells her she looks best in yellow.

Now, being able to see for herself, she says she might have to change her wardrobe.

“Every time I put something on yellow, they say ‘oh you look so nice in yellow’ so I guess I better change my pink and blue and get me some yellow,” Hatten said.

Hatten says she is looking forward to reading her bible with her new glasses.

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