New information on last week’s Hardeman County shooting

HARDEMAN COUNTY, Tenn. — Court documents say Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a report of a shooting around 8:30 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 9 in the 300 block of Mount Tabor Road near Whiteville.

Court documents say deputies found 26-year-old Tatianna Delk dead from multiple gunshot wounds. According to investigators, Delk’s daughter was also at the scene.

Delk’s daughter spoke with investigators and told them she and her mother came to Whiteville from Jackson to meet someone at Mt. Tabor Primitive Baptist Church.

Shortly after they arrived, the girl told investigators two men pulled up and Delk went to their car. Court documents say that’s when Delk’s daughter heard gunshots and saw her mother running from the car.

Delk’s daughter said one of the men got into Delk’s car looking for Delk’s phone and purse, court documents say.

The girl told investigators she ran for help, and the man took her mother’s phone and car.

Investigators later found Delk’s phone between Hickory Valley and Whiteville and Delk’s car was found on Chapleau Road, where court documents say the suspects attempted to burn the vehicle.

Court documents say Johnnie Tate had previously made veiled threats to Delk about reimbursement on a Paycheck Protection Program loan. Court documents say Delk was known to help people apply for those loans.

Investigators spoke with Johnnie Tate, who told investigators Jeremy Patterson was with him at the time of the shooting and when Delk’s car burned.

Court documents say Patterson told investigators he knew Tate had planned to scam Delk and that Tate had a gun when they went to meet Delk.

Just prior to Delk’s death, court documents say she had been on the phone with Shantell Essie-Tate.

Court documents also say Shantelle Tate also admitted to investigators that she was in the area at the time of the shooting, and she bought gasoline in a spare gas can for Johnnie Tate.

Shantelle Tate told investigators that she was also in the area where Delk’s vehicle was burned.

All three were charged with first-degree murder last week. They are currently in custody in the Hardeman County Jail in lieu of $350,000 bond.

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