Heavy rain causes floods in Middle Tennessee

HUMPHREYS COUNTY, Tenn.— Heavy rain caused flooding and destruction in multiple counties of Middle Tennessee.

“It was almost like a jab. We just got really overwhelmed fast and quick,” said Sheriff Chris Davis of Humphreys County.

Humphreys, Dickson and Hickman counties were hit with close to 15 inches of rain causing life-threatening floods.

“The water was very violent, very swift, very strong. We had probably a four hour window that we could not get in the city of Waverly,” said Sheriff Davis.

Many who live in Waverly are without basic necessities.

“We’ve lost power in the downtown area, we don’t have our phone systems, we’ve lost some infrastructure,” said Sheriff Davis.

Residents from nearby cities are doing their best to help local law enforcement during the floods.

“We had pulled about four people off the boat and I had transported them all the way to Camden Baptist Church and I think the other two people I had picked up had walked from Waverly. They actually walked through the water that was at least waist-high and they crossed the bridge,” said Anthony Harvey, a New Johnsonville resident.

Sheriff Davis confirms the flash floods have claimed 10 lives so far with more than 20 missing.

“We do have some that we have found that have been deceased. We are in somewhat a search mode right now and while we’re doing that we are unfortunately making some recoveries of some of the deceased individuals,” said Sheriff Davis.

The Humphreys County Sheriff Department has set up a reunification center at McEwen High School.

Sheriff Davis says if you are able to contact anyone affected by the flood and they are needing help they can contact the department at (931) 296-2301.

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