Waverly churches help survivors of deadly flood

WAVERLY, Tenn. — The community of Waverly is continuing to clean up and help flood survivors.

Disaster relief crews have started cleaning up debris that flood waters left in its path.

Local churches have taken in flood victims to give them shelter, as well as taken in donations from across Tennessee.

Preacher Jeff Keele with the Waverly Church of Christ says whatever item a victim needs, they have it.

“We have all kinds of different things. Baby wipes, baby supplies, coolers. Just about anything you can imagine that people might need. We have storage totes for people trying to clean out their homes,” Keele said.

Krissy Minaglia with Waverly First Baptist Church says while they are also getting donations, they have been taking in cash donations as well.

“We created a designated account just for the Waverly flood relief. Everything that is coming in, we are asking people to memo Waverly flood relief. We want it to go to the people for their immediate needs and things like that,” Minaglia said.

Flood survivor Terence Godwin says the memory of water coming into his home is something he will never forget.

“We saw the waters come out, and then we saw the water rising higher and higher. Then it came like a massive wall of fire through the house. It took everything out from underneath my house,” Godwin said.

Godwin says he didn’t suffer as much damage as others. He says he is glad the community is coming together to help them.

“It didn’t take my house. Thank you Jesus. A lot of people have lost a lot of things, and I lost everything under my house, but the community has been good,” Godwin said.

Disaster relief crews are working everyday to continue cleaning up debris.

You can find more on the recent flooding here.

Anyone donating money can use the memo “Waverly Flood Relief” on checks or donate cash to Waverly First Baptist Church or Church of Christ in Waverly.

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