Farmers’ Market vendors reflect on the season

JACKSON, Tenn. — West TN Farmers’ Market vendors reflect on the season and what’s next.

As summer comes to an end and temperatures decrease many Farmers’ Market vendors may see a decrease in sales.

Although the market doesn’t close, vendors see less and less customers as temperatures begin to lower.

For some, they’ll set up shop every month due to the high demand for sales, but for others this is their last day of sales.

Many farmers will continue to sell products at the market due to selling fresh produce and milk.

But Todd Farm’s owner says this is their last year of sales due to their fall activities.

“Its been a good time of year. This is our last day here because we are going to be opening up our corn maze and pumpkin patch. And so in preparations for that and doing stuff with the county fairs and stuff like that, we’re not going to be able to be here anymore,” said owner of Todd Farms, Martha Todd.

The Farmers’ Market is still open for business and will continue serving the Jackson community until the winter months.

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