County mayors address rise in COVID-19 cases in West Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — COVID-19 cases in Madison County have seen a rapid increase, but what about other counties in West Tennessee?

Some have seen cases jump from over 1,000 to now over 4,000 cases, including over 9,000 one county.

Gibson County Mayor Tom Witherspoon says they are seeing COVID-19 numbers similar to the beginning of the pandemic.

“Our numbers have gone up at about the same rate as everyone else’s, unfortunately. We’re probably at an all time high as far as daily averages go since the pandemic started,” Witherspoon said.

Gibson County has a total of 9,431 total cases, with over 1,000 of those cases recorded in the past two weeks.

Carroll County Mayor Joseph Butler says they are also seeing high numbers, with total cases reaching over 4,000.

The county has increased their prevention tactics, such as social distancing and encouraging people to get vaccinated.

Butler says they hope to see those numbers decline soon.

“Hopefully, we are starting to see some of these preventative measures, such as increased vaccinations, have an impact on cases in our county and in surrounding counties,” Butler said.

Henderson County Mayor Eddie Bray says they have 375 active cases, with a 23 case increase from Wednesday to Thursday.

Bray says he has been working closely with health officials. They encourage people to talk with their health care providers about ways to stay safe.

“We highly recommend that you have those conversations and follow their recommendations. We also encourage our citizens to practice social distancing as much as they can,” Bray said.

Officials in Hardin and Crockett counties say with total cases reaching in the 3,000 to and 4,000 range, they are encouraging people to take extra precautions to prevent the numbers from increasing.

County officials are hoping that social distancing and vaccination efforts will help reduce those numbers.

Health officials say they are continuing to see an increase in vaccinations and COVID-19 testing.

You can find more information on the COVID-19 pandemic here.

You can find a vaccine near you using this tool.

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