Former Gleason recorder indicted for theft

GLEASON, Tenn. — A former Gleason city recorder has been indicted, according to a news release from the Tennessee Comptroller.

Photo courtesy: The Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury

The release says an investigation found that former Recorder Angela Hunt allegedly stole over $8,100 from the Weakley County Municipal Electric System.

Investigators say this was done by not depositing money and not recording cash payments from customers.

Additionally, it was found that Hunt had allegedly received over $4,000 in water, sewer, and garbage services by not paying her bills on time.

The release says that officials discovered the past due account in March of 2019, and that Hunt made three $537 payments to pay the balance.

The comptroller says Hunt had access to Gleason’s utility accounting software, allowing her access to remove names, such as her own, from the cutoff list.

The comptroller says Hunt resigned voluntarily on Dec. 28, 2020.

Hunt was later indicted by the Weakley County Grand Jury for theft over $2,500, theft of services, and official misconduct.

The comptroller says Hunt collectively misappropriated over $12,120.

The comptroller says it was also found that Gleason paid employees over $15,400 in questionable annual leave compensation due to allowing employees to accrue balances in excess of the policy.

“Our investigation discovered a number of oversight and policy weaknesses within the Town of Gleason,” said Comptroller Jason Mumpower. “A few of these deficiencies include: policies were not followed; bank statements were not reconciled; money was not deposited within three days of collection; time sheet records did not match with payroll records; and the town’s credit card policy is inadequate.”

You read the full report from the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury here.

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