‘Devious Lick Challenge’ plagues schools across country

MILAN, Tenn. — A viral TikTok challenge has damaged schools across the nation, and Milan High School is experiencing the fallout of this challenge first hand.

“I think it for sure started out as what students thought were innocent pranks, but unfortunately, it escalated into a lot of resources that we’re having to be used to decide who did this, can we recover this a lot of extra work for our custodial staff,” said Jennifer Yates, the principal at Milan High School.

It’s called the “Devious Lick Challenge,” which is now banned from TikTok. The challenge encourages students to steal an object from school.

“We were having students take things from our bathroom: Soap dispensers, toilet paper, that sort of thing. Things that were annoyances, minor expenses, those types of things. It escalated into taking personal items from teachers,” Yates said.

What students thought was an innocent prank has now escalated into criminal charges.

“We have met with students and made sure that they were aware of that this could be a criminal charge against them, that we could have them cited into juvenile court for theft and for vandalism,” Yates said.

School administration wants this to be a learning moment for students, that if they take something from school and return it, it’s still considered theft.

“If parents could help us talk to their students, make sure their students are aware of these are the consequences at school, and these are the consequences at home,” Yates said. “I think it’s going to take parents and the school working together to stop this trend.”

School administration says any students who participate in the challenge will face consequences.

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