Showers Remain For A Few More Days with Cooler Weather and Sunshine Afterwards

Sunday Evening Forecast

Weather Update – Sunday, September 19 – 5:00 PM


Rain continued over most of the day with 0.05″ of rain accumulated in Jackson so far today. Humid and cloudy conditions remained after rain showers began to dissipate. Highs reached into the lower 80’s today but should drop into the lower 70’s tonight. The chance for showers continues this evening but should begin to drop off around midnight, leaving a low chance until morning.




The chance for showers remains on Monday but mainly along the eastern edge of the region. The other counties should see mostly to partly cloudy skies with cooler temperatures and more humid conditions. . Highs should reach into the lower 80’s and lows drop into the lower 70’s. The chance for showers remains low overnight with the main chance returning Tuesday morning.




Into Tuesday, highs still remain in the lower 80’s. Due to a passing cold front, lows should drop into the lower to mid 50’s. The chance for showers increases during the late afternoon to evening along the cold front with a few showers lingering overnight.

After the cold front passes, fall-like temperatures return with a little sunshine. Wednesday, highs should reach into the lower to mid 70’s. Partly to mostly sunny skies are expected. Lows should drop into the lower 50’s. Thursday, conditions appear very similar. Highs in the lower 70’s and highs in the upper 40’s are expected. Mostly sunny skies are expected and lasting overnight as well.

This weekend, few clouds return but cooler weather remains. Expect 70’s for high temperatures on Friday. Winds should shift southerly, bringing a little more humidity . Lows should drop into the mid 50’s Friday evening. Into Saturday, a low chance of rain remains with highs in the upper 70’s. Lows should drop into the upper 50’s to lower 60’s. Into Sunday, highs should remain in the lower to mid 70’s with partly clear skies.


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