Madison County Fire Dept. kicks off fire prevention week

JACKSON, Tenn. —To kick off fire prevention week, the Madison County Fire Department is bringing the heat.

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“Today we’re kicking off fire prevention week with an open house here at Madison county fire. So fire prevention week, it runs through Saturday, October 9th so this is a great way to get the community out here and kind of talk about fire prevention and ways to be safe, says Madison County Fire Dept, community risk coordinator, Anna Kate Craig.

Guests got to enjoy a number of live demonstrations like a fire extinguisher training, a house fire simulation and more.

“Today we had a sparky and friends puppet show for the kids to learn some fire safety, as well as a live burn so we did a car fire and showed ways that we safely extinguish car fires,” Craig says. 

These demonstrations show a glimpse of what firefighters go through on a daily basis.

“I think this is a good way for people to come out and just see the other things happening in the fire department. You know its very all encompassing of  what we do to rescue and save people,” says Craig.

The theme of this year’s fire prevention week is: learn the sounds of fire safety.

“This is an opportunity to test their smoke alarms. If you need smoke alarms you can always call the department, we do free smoke alarm installation.” says Craig.

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