Gallery: 2021 Pride Festival held in Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. — The 2nd Annual Jackson Pride Festival was held at Conger Park and after being postponed last week, and attendees are excited to be a part of this event.

“This event is so important for Jackson because it’s all about including everyone, equality, bringing people together so, it’s a great event for everyone,” says Jackson Pride committee member, Ryan Myracle.

There’s something for everyone at Pride, but what most people enjoy is the community.

“We thought that it was time for Jackson to experience this, you know? We have so much going on in the city right now  and it’s just so important to bring equality to the forefront and everyone included,” Myracle says.

Those who attended got to enjoy food, music, dancing, and resources from a variety of vendors. 

“It’s about time.  I’m glad that they’re here and there’s so many resources I’ve seen so much from the library, from the suicide prevention and I think they’re really reaching the people that they need to be reaching,” said festival goer, Caitlin Hutcheson.

With this being Jackson’s 2nd Pride Festival, goers are appreciative of the event, and are glad that there’s an event that they can call their own. 

 “My overall favorite part of Pride? The love. Love, that’s all it is there’s nothing but love here,” says Hutcheson.

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