Tyler Spann honored by family, former coaches

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — Tyler Spann is being honored by his family and former coaches in a special way.

“I guess when you think of the mamba mentality, like in general, Kobe wasn’t a big talker, but he was a shower. That was Tyler,” said middle and high school football coach Jonathan DeBerry.

Spann was a Lexington High School student when he was caught in a riptide during a family vacation in 2018.

His football and basketball coaches say Spann had a very special quality.

“He had a fantastic attitude. He was always smiling, and he always had the right approach. You could never find Tyler on a bad day,” said high school basketball coach Keith Runyon.

“His smile was contagious. He was a great athlete, hard worker,” said high school football coach Bryant Hollingsworth.

“He was so special to be around. I don’t know if I ever in two years coming to practice, that I didn’t see him smiling. He had a smile that would light up your face,” said elementary school football coach Robbie Burke.

To help honor Spann’s memory, LifeNet Health will have a special item in their Rose Parade float next year.

“They wanted to make sure that the family were a part of his floragraph, so they had it sent here to Lexington so that we could do little finishing touches to it. We invited our friends, every coach he’s ever had to be a part of this with us because they all played a part in the wonderful person that he was,” said Angela Spann, the mother of Tyler Spann.

Spann’s family says they are very thankful LifeNet is honoring their son.

“We are so honored by their decision,” Spann said.

You can find the Tyler Spann Foundation on Facebook.

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