Break-in caught on cam in Lake County; mother, toddler escape

LAKE COUNTY, Tenn. — “I heard a very loud bang and it just wasn’t a normal bang, and then all of the sudden he started screaming ‘help, help’” says Keane Winchester.

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Winchester and her two-year-old son were relaxing in their living room, when they noticed something wasn’t right.

“At first I was like, ‘what is that?’ We have cameras and usually they notify me and then I guess I didn’t hear it or just wasn’t paying attention to it but after that, he all of the sudden started punching the door and the windows,” Winchester said.

When Winchester realized someone was trying to break into her home, she quickly grabbed her son and hid in their upstairs bathroom.

“And then once I realized he was in my house screaming, I barricaded the bathroom door and had my baby there trying to get him to just be calm and relax while I was calling the cops,” says Winchester.

It only took police around 10 minutes to arrive, but to Winchester those 10 minutes felt like hours.

“I mean honestly, I was shaken. I wasn’t crying just yet. I was just breathing very hard shaking, begging the dispatcher to please get his cops here please,” Winchester says.

Once police arrived, Winchester and her child were safe and unharmed. 

“Moving forward we’re just wanting to hopefully be able to go home or me go home and not have to know every sound I hear is going to give me a panic attack,” said Winchester.

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