Carroll County residents face issues with trash pickup

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — Carroll County residents are talking trash by speaking out on an issue many of them are having.

“My trash has not been picked up in two weeks,” said Stanley Currin, a Carroll County resident.

Currin is one of many county residents who claims they have not had their trashed picked up.

“What people are wanting to know is what is going to happen. How long is this going to go on, who’s going to pick up our garbage, how much is it going to cost us when we get it,” Currin said.

Carroll County Mayor Joseph Butler says he recently heard of the issues Red River Waste Solutions, the company in charge of picking up trash, was having.

“Late last week we caught word and were able to confirm that Red River, it had filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy,” Butler said.

This was due to many issues the company was having.

“We got word that they were having truck issues, couldn’t get parts for their trucks, potentially had some trucks that were possibly [repossessed] and then we heard their drivers that were committed here in Carroll County, they were no longer with the company,” Butler said.

Butler says residents can use the county’s recycling center to ease some trash build up.

“It has solid waste roll off for garbage. People are always welcome to use that. We will open that from 8 to 12 this Saturday for people also to use it this Saturday,” Butler said.

He says he is trying to come up with a solution to make it up to the county residents.

“We are sorry. We sincerely apologize. They commit to pay this service, and we failed in providing that to them, and we have every intent to either credit or whatever it takes to compensate them for these missed pick ups,” Butler said.

Butler says he does not have a timeline of when this issue will be resolved.

But he says will be speaking with a different contractor Friday morning about a potential contract deal.

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