Educator of the Week: Clayton Morris

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Educator of the Week: Clayton Morris

After teaching science in Kentucky for six years, Clayton Morris is returning to West Carroll Jr./Sr. High School to continue his teaching career.

“Getting asked to start help volunteer coaching and volunteer teaching really kind of changed my career choice and made it where I wanted to be a teacher and be a coach,” Morris said.

Morris is now teaching physical science along with being the head football coach for the high school.

“You know, same for us as coaches. We’re educators as well. So I try to put just as much effort in the classroom as I do on the football field,” Morris said.

Morris says his passionate energy is what makes his classroom stand out.

“It starts with me. If I can love what I do and they see that I love what I do, I think that that energy is infectious in a classroom,” Morris said.

And his passion for what he does is how he keeps his students excited.

“Why ask my students to be something that I’m not willing to be? How can they be excited about what I’m teaching if I’m not excited about what I’m teaching?” Morris said.

But at the end of the school year, he wants to know he has made an impact on his students.

“Leaving some sort of impact on your students at the end of the school year I think is successful,” Morris said.

Morris says the relationships and impacts he makes with his students will always be his favorite part of the job.

“It’s just the relationships with the kids. Kids are fun to work with and be around. And just the chance to make an impact on somebody, you don’t get that opportunity very much. I take that for granted,” Morris said.

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