Henderson Co. sheriff discusses investigation into unexplained deaths

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — Local law enforcement agencies are teaming up to investigate two unexplained deaths.

But they also worry about an increased usage of a medication that is intended to save lives.

Henderson County Sheriff's Department

According to a news release from the Lexington Police Department, they’re joining with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department after two unexplained deaths happened in the last two days.

Henderson County Sheriff Brian Duke says the victims were men in their 20s.

The news release says local law enforcement has seen an increase of use in a drug that is supposed to help an opioid overdose, as well as an increase of fentanyl seizures.

“We’ve seen a new trend, I guess is the proper term, in the deployment of Narcan,” Duke said.

Duke says this trend is alarming.

“Very worrisome. It’s scary, really,” he said.

He says this is happening across the state.

“Through the law enforcement community, statewide, West Tennessee, in our area, our judicial district, we’re all seeing that trend, and it’s a scary trend,” Duke said.

He also wants the community to be aware of these potentially dangerous medications that can be purchased illegally on the street.

“They need to destroy that. Get rid of it. Don’t take it. Don’t take the chance,” Duke said.

Duke says if anyone has any information regarding the two deaths, call the Henderson County Sheriff’s Department at (731) 968-7777 or the Lexington Police Department at (731) 968-6666.

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