Rising gas prices also raises concerns in Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — When filling up your gas tank, you might have noticed that gas prices are a little more expensive than usual.

“Everyday it’s getting higher. Day-by-day. Just unbearable. Used to be like $25, and right now I spend $75,” said Aulad Hussain, a consumer.

According to AAA, gas prices in Tennessee have risen 4 cents on average and 6 cents nationally. As of now, the average of gas in Tennessee is $3.50.

“Yeah. So one-third of your income, if you do it every, I don’t know how often you do it because I have a big truck. I do every three days. Every three days I get gas for $70,” Hussain said.

The recent rise in gas prices is due to a higher demand and increased crude prices.

“When I bought my truck, it used to be like $200. $220 was my gas expenses for the whole month. It takes about $150 every week, which is at least $600 a month,” Hussain said.

Almost everyone who operates a vehicle is experiencing this increase, and like Hussain, many are wondering when will it decrease.

“Right now I’m cutting my weekend outing. You know, like going to restaurants every week. Maybe sometimes I had to think about it,” Hussain said. “But I believe it’s everybody in my place. Like those working, those people like me.”

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