Educator of the Week: Katrina Hill

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Katrina Hill

Katrina Hill started her career as an accountant at Lane College. Now she’s teaching math to her fourth grade class at Alexander Elementary School.

“Seeing the students coming to college and still having a difficulty reading and writing with math, I wanted to make a change before they got to college where they really struggled,” Hill said.

Hill says she never imagined teaching as a career choice, but she has loved the past 15 years.

“I’m really enjoying math. I’ve taught all subjects, but math, that’s my heart,” Hill said.

When she isn’t teaching math, she teaches about equality and inclusivity in the classroom.

“Everybody in here comes from a different home, but when they’re in here, I teach about family. We’re all in here to help each other and build each other up,” Hill said.

And that even though you make mistakes, you are still successful

“I tell them everybody makes mistakes. I make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. But together, we can become successful,” Hill said.

And success in Hill’s classroom looks like trying your hardest.

“It’s not about getting a 100%. It’s not about getting an ‘A.’ It’s about doing your best and striving and never giving up,” Hill said.

At the end of the day, Hill always encourages her students to be themselves.

“I provide them with all of the tools, but in the end, it’s up to them. I let them know their uniqueness is what makes the world a better place,” Hill said.

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